Thursday, August 29, 2013

10 iPad Pillows for Snuggly Surfing

There's nothing quite like donning some comfy clothes, grabbing some snackage, putting your feet up and getting cozy with your iPad for a relaxing session of something utterly frivolous.

Whether you chillax with your Apple tablet by watching a movie, reading an iBook, engaging with a game or just browsing, we have the perfect partner for your more laid-back sessions — a pillow case for your iPad.

Take a look through our soft and squishy selection . Have we missed mentioning a cozy case you snuggle up with? Then please share it in the comments below.

Available in some rather classy colors, the contoured foam Wedgestand is designed to perfectly fit in your lap.

Cost: From $35.99
Image: Wedgestand

The Aussie tabCoosh offers a fabric frame to slide your iPad into for ultra-comfy viewing and a handy pocket to stash your headphones.

Cost: From $49.95 AUD
Image: TabCoosh

The Lap Lounge cunningly combines a bean-filled cushion with a more traditional stand that offers multiple viewing angles.

Cost: $49.99
Image: Tagus

If you're looking for a pillow for your iPad that's a little more boutique, check out Etsy seller padRelax's range.

Cost: From $64.90
Image: PadRelax/Etsy

This super-soft microsuede pillow holds your iPad 2 in place so you don't have to.

Cost: $24.99
Image: Toys"R"Us

The PadPillow works as a lap-friendly iPad stand for straightforward viewing, but also folds out to offer space and a wrist rest for use with a keyboard.

Cost: From $28.90
Image: IPEVO

7. Speck MagFolio Lounge for iPad

If you're looking for a lap stand without the bulk, Speck's MagFolio boasts a specially-contoured cover that rests comfortably on your legs.

Cost: $49.95
Image: Speck

Eco-friendly and organic, the Lap Log offers a slightly different design in a range of hues and patterns.

Cost: From $39
Image: Bamboosa

The iProp gives you multiple viewing angles and a squishy base for use on any kind of surface.

Cost: $29.99
Image: Dockem

Finally, Etsy seller "Dog Named Banjo" offers pretty iPad pyramids in a plethora of patterns.
Cost: From $40
Image: Dog Named Banjo/Etsy

Data source: via Mashable (By Amy-Mae Elliott)

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  1. I began perusing for a chic case, and I finally found a Rebecca Minkoff one (on sale!) this morning. Here are some other cute ones I'm lusting after, but aren't quite in my budget. iPad Air


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